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April 02, 2012
Making Your Business Blog Better
By Lee Odden
It's amazing how a meme can turn into a stream of content when it resonates well with a community. Recently I was sent a set of interview questions and one of the questions asked about building blog community. I took my response to that one question and turned it into a blog post, "How to Increase Business Blog Readership, Traffic & Community" that was well received. In fact, that post prompted two different social media chats to ask if I'd be a guest host on the topic: #smchat and #nptalk. Thank you for inviting me!

Now I'm turning the questions from those chats and my answers into yet another (unique) blog post full of practical tips.

The questions and answers from those chats provide tips for bloggers that want to provide a more meaningful and measurable experience for their readers. These tips range from process and efficiency advice to ways of inspiring more user generate content, content repurposing and growing subscribers.

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