[2004-04-30] Yahoo Powered Ujiko Search Engine Launches
Packed with features not regularly found in other search engines, has launched a Yahoo-powered search engine. Part of the Kartoo metasearch network, Ujiko boasts a crawled database of over 4 billion pages.

[2004-04-29] Profero Begins Large Ad Campaign For Search Engine AskJeevesUK
A new online ad campaign launched by Profero, located in London, England, is highlighting search engine in an effort to have web-users rediscover AskJeevesUK and its "find engine." The campaign is designed to sway people into making AskJeeves their first choice in search engines.

[2004-04-29] Google Finally Files IPO
Search engine Google finally ended mountains of speculation by filing their initial public offering today, April 29, 2004. This means that Google's stock will now be available to the public, although the stock isn't expected to be available for a few months.

[2004-04-29] Google Founders Expected To Keep Control
Search engine Google, in light of their recently announced IPO, have installed a safety net to ensure the founders keep a degree of control. Co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page own 33% of Google's Class B stock and have developed a voting structure that would let them keep the control of their creation.

[2004-04-29] Google Names Yahoo and Microsoft As Significant Competition
In the Form S-1 that Google filed with the SEC this afternoon, the search engine names the companies with whom it has the most competition with. Calling the competition "formidable," Google gave names to the search engines it thinks will give Google the most competition.

[2004-04-28] Terra Lycos Looking To Sell Lycos Portal
Wanting to concentrate on their Spanish language businesses, Terra Lycos has retained the services of Lehman Brother investment bank in an effort to sell its US-related businesses. This appears to include web portal

[2004-04-28] Google Image Search Adds New Feature
Google has added a new twist to the Google Image Search (GIS). When you search for topical keywords, Google not only returns pertinent images, but it also features images based on related topics from Google News.

[2004-04-28] Gmail Compatibility Issues
The news concerning Gmail has had a negative bent lately. Google's email service faces questions, complaints, and privacy filings concerning the placement of contextual ads within incoming and outgoing emails. Add compatibility questions to the mounting Gmail criticisms.

[2004-04-27] Nutch-based Launches
Aiming to provide users with best search results, free website submission and unbiased website ranking, has launched an open source search engine based on's search. ObjectSearch looks to solve problems related to search result manipulation and information overload.

[2004-04-26] Google's JewWatch Controversy Continues
Has Google manually intervened on the results of the keyword "Jew"? As reported here, this particular keyword search's top result was, a site considered by many to be anti-Semitic.

[2004-04-26] Google In Court Over New AdWords Policy
Google's newest policy concerning bidding on trademarked slogans for AdWords purposes has come under fire. French insurance company AXA has filed suit against the search engine for allowing others to bid on keywords that AXA has trademarked.

[2004-04-26] Google Redesigns Their Israeli Site
Google recently redesigned their site to include Hebrew text around the Google logo. Keeping with Israeli/Hebrew convention, all of the text, including the results and the search box, read right-to-left.

[2004-04-23] Google IPO Looming
According to many financial news outlets, Google is set to announce its plans for their IPO "within days". The initial report came out of The Wall Street Journal, and the speculation about Google's IPO comes from the search engine having to open its financial books up for the SEC.

[2004-04-23] Russian Internet Portals To Offer Email With Unlimited Storage
Russian Internet portals and have announced they will be launching email services that will have unlimited storage for its members. Each company will be offering their email services for free.

[2004-04-22] Google Awarded Rights To Froogle UK Domain
Google has secured the rights to Froogle's UK domain name. had been cyber-squatted by LWD Internet, an e-commerce solutions provider. The company registered the domain when Google launched, Google's shopping search engine.

[2004-04-22] Tickle Launches People Search, a social network, has launched Tickle People Search. This feature was designed in order to "provide Tickle's members with targeted introductions to new friends, romantic partners and business contacts, as well as qualified referrals to products and services."

[2004-04-21] Adding RSS Search Results To My Yahoo
Yahoo is in the process of beta testing a new service that allows users to add RSS feeds to their My Yahoo page directly from their search results. Once the link is clicked, the user is taken to a confirmation page that has an example of who the feed will look.

[2004-04-21] Walla Communications Plans 1 Gig Email
The Gmail repercussions are being felt throughout the web industry. The controversy caused by Gmail placing ads in emails, the allowance of large attachments, and of course, the 1 gigabyte of storage have all been discussed in great detail.

[2004-04-20] Open Source Search Engine Seeking Ideas
OpenIndex, a website looking to develop an open source search engine index, offers a communal place for ideas and pointers on index development.

[2004-04-19] Privacy International Continues Gmail Complaint Filing
Watchdog group Privacy International, having already done so in the UK, filed a privacy complaint against Google's Gmail in 17 European countries, as well as Canada and Australia.

[2004-04-19] Google Gains Rights To
Cybersquatting is a common occurrence in Russia. Internet laws were slower to develop and because of that, there have been numerous incidents where international corporations have found their namesake URL domains already taken.

[2004-04-16] Googlebombing Of Jew Keyword Continues
As reported here yesterday, April 15, 2004, the fight to knock out of first position for the keyword search of "Jew" is picking up.

[2004-04-15] Google Responds To Jew Watch Controversy
Prominent search engine Google has been embroiled in a controversy surrounding search results for the keyword "Jew." As reported in WPN, the search of the word "Jew" yielded a results page with as the number one listing.

[2004-04-15] One Word Searches Yield to Multiple Word Searches
More and more, people are using multiple words when they perform Internet searches. The frequency of single word searches has reduced significantly.

[2004-04-14] Gmail Open To Changes, Perhaps Opt-in For Ad Placement
Intense criticism from privacy groups concerning Google's email service Gmail have led to Google considering changes to some of Gmail's practices. The main issue is the scanning of all emails for keywords in order to place contextual ads.

[2004-04-14] Google Chooses Dublin For European HQ
The US-based search engine Google has found a base of operations for its excursion into the European market. Google has decided to make its European headquarters in Dublin. The area is a former Gasworks site that is located in the dock area of the city.

[2004-04-14] UK Privacy Issues Cleared For Google
Google's new email service Gmail, source of much criticism based on ad placement procedures, may be getting some good news. As long as UK users are not being deceived by this practice, Gmail should be clear of its legal issues.

[2004-04-13] California Senator Challenges Gmail
Senator Liz Figueroa (D-Fremont) has written a letter to Google questioning the intentions of Gmail, the search engine's new email service. Her issue with Google concerns the placement of AdWords within incoming and outbound emails.

[2004-04-13] FAST ESP To Power Uchida Spectrum
Uchida Spectrum, which offers software license sales and management services, announced today that it would be employing FAST Enterprise Search Platform into SMART/EBP, its e-business architecture.

[2004-04-12] Open Source Search Engine mozDex Launched
An open source search engine called mozDex has launched its beta search engine. mozDex uses "open source search technologies to create an open and fair index."

[2004-04-12] Google Revises Trademark Use
As pointed out by Aaron Wall over at, Google is changing their approach in their handling of trademarked keywords for their AdWords program. Before, companies were not allowed to bid on keywords that were trademarked by other companies, like the "Just Do It" phrase by Nike.

[2004-04-12] Gmails Bounced By Other Email Services
Google's new email service, Gmail, has sparked controversy amongst privacy activists because it will place contextual based ads within emails by first scanning the content of the email.

[2004-04-12] Streamlines News Search
Working through the huge amount of news available online can be a daunting task. agrees that the amount of news available is mountainous and has launched a site that addresses this issue.

[2004-04-08] Google Prepared For Microsoft Challenge
The battle lines for search supremacy have been drawn. Google, the presumed search engine leader, is gearing up to ensure that their search engine is versatile enough to endure.

[2004-04-07] Google's Gmail Faces Trademark Issue
The rollout of Google's new email service, Gmail, may have hit a snag. The Market Age, a smaller British company, claims they already have trademark rights for the name "Gmail", and have been using it since June of 2002.

[2004-04-07] Privacy Complaint Filed With EU Over Gmail
Google's launch of Gmail has hit a potential snag when a privacy group filed a complaint with British authorities claiming that Gmail violates EU's privacy standards.

[2004-04-06] Spymac Gives 1 Gig Of Email Storage
A Mac-based Web hosting company is following Google's email lead. Spymac announced they would be giving away 1 gigabyte worth of email storage to its members.

[2004-04-05] Yahoo And Google Stop Gambling Ads
In a move likely to hurt online gambling sites, search engine giants Yahoo and Google have announced that they will no longer serve ads from online casinos. The two search engines expect the ads to stop running by the end of April.

[2004-04-05] Yahoo Adds Popup Blocker
Yahoo has added popup blocking to its downloadable utility, the Yahoo Companion Toolbar. Similar to other search engine toolbars, Yahoo's toolbar gives users easy access to the portal's search engine technology.

[2004-04-05] Yahoo Upgrades Email For Some
A day before Google announced GMail, Yahoo sent out emails to some Yahoo Mail users offering them account upgrades consisting of larger storage and the ability to receive larger attachment files.

[2004-04-02] Google Alters Ad Pricing
An announcement from Google concerning the pricing of their AdSense campaign may lower the price of ads that Google places on web pages. Google stated it would be adjusting its prices for these advertisements.

[2004-04-02] Kelkoo Buy Boosts Yahoo European Traffic 12%
Yahoo's purchase of Kelkoo, Europe's largest online comparison-shopping service, has increased the amount of European visitors the web portal's site by 12%.

[2004-04-02] Google Blocks RSS News Feeds
Google has filed a cease and desist order to stop RSS news feeds from using Google News as a source for headlines. The motion was filed against a programmer from Britain, named Julian Bond, who created the php script that crawls Google News.

[2004-04-01] Ask Jeeves Removes Banner Ads From UK Search
UK's third largest search engine, Ask Jeeves, is discontinuing the use of banner ads on their UK search site. In the United States, the company stopped use of these ads during January of last year.