[2004-06-30] Macintosh Prepared To Introduce Desktop Search
Steve Jobs, CEO of Macintosh, revealed a new file search technology for the upcoming update of Mac's operating system. The search feature, called Spotlight, will allow Mac users to search for files, words, concepts and documents they have stored on their hard drive. Spotlight is based on the search technology used by iTunes.

[2004-06-30] Google Improves Ad Relevancy For AdWords Service
Search engine Google sent customers an email yesterday that outlined changes to their ad relevancy algorithms. These changes are being made in order to improve the targeting of ads and members' ROI.

[2004-06-28] GlobalSpec Partners With Dice Inc. To Offer Engineering Job Search
Engineering search engine GlobalSpec, announced today that it is partnering with Dice Inc. to offer an engineering job search. This option will be available on GlobalSpec's website.

[2004-06-25] Man Arrested For Threatening Google Charged With Extortion
Michael Bradley of Oak View, California has been charged with extortion and wiretap fraud after making threats to Google about their Adwords service. The charges stem from a software program that Bradley claimed would create fraudulent clicks on Google's CPC ads.

[2004-06-25] Google Launches Chinese Search Services
As search engines battle each other for China's market share of Internet users, which is moving towards the second highest in the world, Google has announced the launch of Chinese search services designed to capture a portion of China's web audience.

[2004-06-23] Google Loses Gmail’s UK Domain
Google may be defensive of its brand, but, it appears that Google is not has driven to protect its Gmail brand. Recently, the search engine went on a buying binge for domains that resembled the Google brand name. However, it appears that they forgot, or didn't care, to do the same for Gmail.

[2004-06-22] Google Makes Amendments To IPO Filing
Google has made some amendments to its initial filing that was done for the SEC with the intention, it seems, of quelling fears that have risen about Google since it first filed in April 29, 2004.

[2004-06-21] Yahoo Unveils Chinese Search Engine Yisou
Coming on the heels of Google's investment in Chinese search presence,, Yahoo has announced the release of their search website The name of the search engine translates to "No1 Search" and unlike Yahoo's Chinese portal, Yisou will concentrate only on web based searches.

[2004-06-21] Gmail Releases Ad Standards For Mailings
Gmail's email scanning practice has had privacy advocates fuming and caused US officials to write bills limiting the use of scanned mailings.

[2004-06-18] Google WebSearch Combines AdSense And Search
Google announced today a new addition to their search engine tool set for websites and webmasters.

[2004-06-15] Yahoo Announces Email Storage Upgrades
Yahoo has announced they will be increasing the storage capacity of its email service. The changes are to be implemented today, June 15, 2004.

[2004-06-10] Traffix To Acquire SendTraffic
Direct marketing company Traffix is set to acquire the rights to, a search engine marketing firm. SendTraffic provides full service search engine marketing solutions to over 100 clients. SendTraffic also maintains "Certified Ambassador" status with Overture, and is a member of the Google Research Board.

[2004-06-10] Upcoming MSN Search Engine To Filter Out Web Spam
Microsoft has unveiled their new web spam filtering project at Silicon Valley campus in Mountain View. The goal is to have their new filtering technology incorporated within their new search engine when it launches later this year.

[2004-06-09] Teoma Search Apparently Allows Mirroring
With thanks once again going to Andy Beal, WebProNews has discovered a bad case of spam on Teoma's search engine results. A search for the keywords "company names" finds that one site has several mirrored listings in the resources section.

[2004-06-08] FAST ESP To Power Human Rights Search Engine
HURIDOCS, a human rights network, has announced the implementation of the FAST Enterprise Search Platform (ESP) to power its search engine, HURISEARCH. HURIDOCS is a non-profit organization devoted to human rights and the dissemination of human rights information.

[2004-06-08] Ask Jeeves Files Universal Shelf Registration Statement With SEC
In an effort to offer investors up to $400 million of its common stock, preferred stock, depositary shares, debt securities and warrants, Ask Jeeves has filed a Form S-3 with the SEC. Once the SEC declares the filing effective, Ask Jeeves will be allowed to offer the requested amount of stock.

[2004-06-07] Aventure Launches 2 GB Email Service
In an effort to capitalize on the buzz that Google started with its 1 GB email service, Aventure, a Northern Ireland based hosting company, has launched its own version of a web-based email service. This service does Gmail one better, however.

[2004-06-07] Nigritude Ultramarine Search Engine Optimization Winner Announced
As previously reported by WebProNews, affiliate network DarkBlue held a contest that measured SEO skills of anyone willing to enter. The goal of the contest was to gain the top Google search engine result for the search of the keywords "nigritude ultramarine." The contest ended today, June 7, 2004, and the winner has been announced.

[2004-06-07] Survey Says Google Users Have Most Internet Experience
A study done by Standard & Poor's Equity Research Services that was conducted on search engines has released its results. The survey's findings indicate that 48% of search engine users say they use Google most overall, compared to 20% for Yahoo, 14% for MSN and 7% for AOL.

[2004-06-04] Gmail Adds Safari Compatibility
Following up to a recent WebProNews article about Gmail compatibility issues, news reports by MacMinute and SearchEngineJournal indicate that Gmail has added Mac's Safari web browser to its list of browsers that are supported.

[2004-06-03] Siemens Announces Mobile Phone Search Engine
Mobile technology giant Siemens has announced their plans to introduce a mobile phone search engine function. The search engine that will be integrated was developed by MotionBridge, a French start up funded by Siemens.

[2004-06-02] Google Announces Upgrades Of Corporate Search Package
Today, June 2, 2004, search engine Google announced the availability of its upgraded Google Search Appliance. GSA is a hardware/software package designed to deliver Google-quality search results on intranets and public websites.

[2004-06-02] Atlas DMT Adds More Search Engines To Atlas OnePoint
Atlas DMT, a digital marketing technology provider, announced today the addition of LookSmart and Mirago to their line-up of supported search engines for their Atlas OnePoint paid search management tools. The company also unveiled its currency conversion tools for its web analytics and conversion tracking service, called the Atlas OnePoint ProfitBuilder.

[2004-06-02] Yahoo Japan Drops Google From Search And Switches Ad Format To Overture
Yahoo's cleansing continues. The internet's most popular portal is keeping its focus on improving its search engine capabilities and keyword advertising. Earlier this year, Yahoo dropped Google from its US search engine in favor of their own algorithm, and it looks like the purge is continuing.

[2004-06-01] Tolkien Geeks Launch Shiremail Email Service With 1GB Storage
Gmail has another competitor, this one coming from Middle Earth. The Hobbits over at have launched Shiremail, an email service that offers a 1 gigabyte storage amount for its members. Because they were not blessed with Google's resources, Shiremail costs members 3.50 (pound sterling) a month.