[2004-08-31] Microsoft Confirms No Desktop Search For Longhorn
Following up on information that appeared in an article about KDE's upcoming desktop search utility, Microsoft has announced that they will release Longhorn, their new operating system, without WinFS. This means that Microsoft's new OS will arrive without a desktop search utility.

[2004-08-27] Spam Campaigns Now Using Google, Olympics In Subject Lines
Spammer groups have begun using new methods in order to dupe unsuspecting people. Keeping with what's on the surface of popularity, spammers have resorted to including Google and The Olympics within email subject lines in an effort to trick recipients into opening these mailings.

[2004-08-27] KDE To Develop Google-Style Desktop Search Utility
Citing a need for a search utility that performs "crawling, indexing, ranking and displaying", the developers at KDE have announced their intentions of including a desktop search utility when the newest version of KDE is released. The reason for the creation of such a utility comes from the fact that the developers of KDE believe it's easier to search for files on the Internet than it is to do so on home computers.

[2004-08-26] Possible Google Browser Coming?
In a blog written by Jason Kottke, the possibility of Google creating a web browser was discussed. The idea centers around building the browser based on Mozilla's. Considering the fact that Google has distanced itself from being a pure search entity, an idea like this seems very plausible.

[2004-08-25] Yahoo Continues Fight Over Nazi Paraphernalia
Furthering a story that began in 2000, the US Court of Appeals has ruled that US District Court judge operated outside the realm of his jurisdiction by attempting to rule on a case with international ramifications. The issue in question stems from a suit filed (and won) by two French groups in 2000 to stop the sale of Nazi memorabilia through Yahoo France's online auction site.

[2004-08-24] Google AdSense Ads To Be Available For Bloggers
Biz Stone, Google employee for, has announced that Blogger members will now be able to display AdSense ads within their personal blog space. Biz and Google are presenting the new feature as a "Get Paid For Blogging" opportunity. News of this was first revealed on by Biz on his personal Blog.

[2004-08-23] Google IPO Round Up
The majority of the search engine public knows about Google's IPO, unless you've been hiding in a cave the last couple of weeks. Since their shares have been available to the public last Thursday, many articles have been written about the search engine's adventures on Wall Street.

[2004-08-19] Giganews Bucks Trend: Expands Usenet Newsgroup Service in Europe
Giganews Inc., a leading Usenet Newsgroup Service Provider, has expanded its service in the European market by establishing technical operations in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

[2004-08-19] Google Shares End At $100.335 On First Day Of Trading
Google's first day of trading has come and gone with the search engine seeing an 18% rise in the price of their shares, which started out at $85. At the closing bell today, Google stock was priced at $100.335 a share.

[2004-08-18] Google Reduces Price And Size Of IPO
Continuing the roller coaster-style of ride since they filed notice, Google has reduced the size and the cost of their Initial Public Offering. The search engine giant filed another amendment with the SEC that detailed the changes Google would be making.

[2004-08-11] eMarketer Report Finds Online Advertising Is Booming
A report done by eMarketer concerning online advertising as found that spending on this medium is expected to continue and increase over the year. The exact numbers from eMarketer's report states that spending for advertising online will hit the $9.1 billion mark, $1 billion more than what was spent in 2000.

[2004-08-09] Google And Yahoo Settle Patent Dispute
A patent disagreement between Google's AdWords and Yahoo's Overture was settled today by the search engine giants. To help settle the dispute, Google issued an additional 2.7 million shares of Google's stock. Through earlier agreements, Yahoo already possessed 5.5 million shares of Google stock.