[2004-10-29] Firefox Browser Targets Microsoft
Up and coming web browser Firefox is looking to secure allies as it prepares to challenge Microsoft's Internet Explorer for browser dominance. One of the potential partners being spoken of is search engine Google.

[2004-10-28] Reduces Internet Search Clutter, the newly launched search tool, provides Internet users with the ability to query multiple search engines from a single page, thus making accessing the right information much easier and a lot quicker.

[2004-10-28] Launches Online Search for Professionals
Ziggs announces the introduction of a new search platform for finding people in business online at Providing the fastest-growing index of current professional profiles on the Web, Ziggs' innovative website enables users to search from a single source for people in business across more than 1 million professional profiles from nearly 16,000 companies.

[2004-10-22] Stata Labs Purchased By Yahoo
Ensuring that the battle for email supremacy continues, Stata Labs, makers of searchable email client Bloomba, has announced that Yahoo has purchased their company.

[2004-10-14] Google Launches Desktop Search Utility
With desktop search being one of the remaining frontiers for the search engine industry, there is competition to see who can develop an effective means of searching contents on a computer. Recently, a few software packages have upped the ante considerably. Copernic, Blinkx, and the announcement of Mac's Spotlight are a few of the better-developed solutions.