[2005-01-31] The Risk Of Loosing Business Focus When Blogging
A warning for blog evangelists (like myself). We should "...proceed more cautiously when promoting to businesses in such blanket terms that they must have a blog ...

[2005-01-31] Skype Is Getting Very Interesting
A few weeks ago, I joined the Skype beta testing program for their planned voice messaging service. It is good.

[2005-01-31] The EU Commissioner Blog Now A "Real" Blog
The blog of European Commissioner Margot Wallström is now a fully enabled blog. We find a feed, (moderated) comments and trackback.

[2005-01-28] Lithuania Joins World of Corporate Blogging
Welcome Lithuania to the world of corporate blogging. I enjoy to follow the spread of this tool, and it's always nice to be able to add a new country ...

[2005-01-27] IBM Sale To Lenovo Scares U.S.
Republicans in the U.S. Senate want a full investigation of the security implications of IBM sale of its PC business to China's Lenovo.

[2005-01-26] Germany: Blogs On Their Way To Media
Things are happening in and around the German blogosphere according to BlogInitiativeGermany.

[2005-01-24] Early Bloggers Show Way To The Corporate Tipping Point
Gapingvoid talks about the corporate tipping point, "...the point where blogging stops being the supposed realm of freaks, weirdos [...] and starts being ...

[2005-01-24] Is Your Website Content Worth Reading or Obvious Search Engine Bait?
Webmasters are always looking for ways to increase their traffic and exposure. This is natural and will never change. No one is ever content with their traffic levels.

[2005-01-22] Firefox Success Stirs the Microsoft Haters
Any news that goes against Microsoft seems to enliven the anti - Microsoft crowd. This weeks news that FireFox is gaining ground on IE was no different.

[2005-01-20] Definitive Blog Book Gains Traction
Things are beginning to move with The Red Couch, the collaborative work on producing what could be the definitive business book ...

[2005-01-17] Online Ad Market In Europe Set For Shake Up
New York Times: A motor scooter in Manchester, an apartment in Amsterdam, a poster in Paris.