[2005-07-30] DVD Wars Looking For the 20th Century Fox
Blu-Ray launched another offensive in the DVD war in the form of the 20th Century Fox studio. Make no bones about it; it is a war as Sony, Toshiba and all the companies who've signed off on the respective high definition formats continue to look for an edge.

[2005-07-29] Searching ITV with Yahoo UK & Ireland
Yahoo UK & Ireland has signed a deal with ITV, in which ITV's sites will feature a Yahoo search box at the top of each page, and will allow users to search within the ITV site, or across the web.

[2005-07-27] Windows Vista Beta Bound: Next Week
The Windows formerly known as Longhorn landed in the laps of developers today in a beta format. August 3rd was the date they announced last week when the named this beast Vista but Microsoft got so excited they couldn't contain themselves and sent it out today.

[2005-07-26] Infineon Chokes On 240 Million Loss
Infineon Technologies added padding to their losses in the third quarter to the tune of 240 million. This hit more than doubled its losses of 114 million from the previous quarter.

[2005-07-23] Microsoft: Windows Vista Coming Online
Microsoft announced on Friday the name of its newest version of Windows best known as Longhorn. The new name, Vista, is the official name of Microsoft's newest operating system, due out in late 2006, probably around the holidays and a server version will be out in 2007.

[2005-07-23] Italian Internet Television
Telecom Italia announced their leap into the Internet television business starting massive trials in Rome, Milan, Bologna and Palermo. They look to roll out services in 21 cities by the fall and say over 4 million households will have access to a wide variety of programming.

[2005-07-21] Legal Downloads? 180 Million Of Them
The International Federation of the Phonograpic Industry (IFPI) said on Thursday that the number of legal, paid downloads had tripled during the first half of 2005. This is great news for the RIAA and MPAA as more and more people switch to the legal download side of things.

[2005-07-20] Broadband Speed Freaks Shifting To Overdrive
Broadband access through TV cable could smoke the competition shortly with predictions of 100 megabits-a-second download speeds as early next year. This is 50 time faster than average download speeds on the market now.

[2005-07-19] Bush Likes India With Nuclear Power
The White House changed what many thought was a solid position on India using nuclear power. President Bush said yesterday that he would ask Congress to end long-term sanctions against India.

[2005-07-19] Microsoft Sues Google Over China Exec
Microsoft filed suit against former exec Kai-Fu Lee and Google claiming Lee and his new employer violated Microsoft's employee confidentiality and non-compete agreement.

[2005-07-18] Frustrated Discovery: NASA Still Working And Waiting
More frustration plagues NASA as engineers drudge through the fuel sensor problems, which have delayed the shuttle launch well over a week. While delays have occurred frequently for various missions throughout the shuttle program's history, the eyes of the world remain on Cape Kennedy for the first launch since Columbia.

[2005-07-16] Groceries Charge Visa on Fees
A large group of national grocery chains have levied their lawyers at credit card monolith Visa USA claiming Visa's fee system is unfair in a federal antitrust lawsuit.

[2005-07-14] Crude Oil Tanks After Dodging Hurricanes
August contract crude dropped more than two dollars a barrel on reports that Hurricane Emily will completely avoid oil fields. Gasoline and heating oil, taking a hint also plummeted. These are lowest prices in over two weeks for oil.

[2005-07-12] EU Inside Intel: Antitrust Raids
Computing processor giant Intel continues to wade through antitrust and monopoly charges levied against them by AMD. Today, the EU antitrust authorities raided Intel's offices in Swindon, England and in Munich looking for evidence in the antitrust suit.

[2005-07-12] We're Not Afraid
I had an email overnight from Pete Quily in Canada telling me about We're Not Afraid, a blog set up last week following the London bombings that publishes photos from people around the world who aren't afraid...

[2005-07-12] CNOOC Continues To Play Hardball For Unocal
The Chinese National Offshore Oil Company told the Financial Times they might just up the ante up and over their $18.5 billion bid for California based Unocal. The bid, China hoped would be just another business deal but as this saga continues, its international proportions continue to grow.